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Reeve Gunite Services are the experts in concrete spraying in Wellington. Our family owned and operated business has been delivering affordable, tailored concrete spraying services to clients all around the Wellington region and all around New Zealand for about 45 years now, and are ever committed to assisting you with your concrete spraying needs.

Whatever you need us to do, you can count on Reeve Gunite Services Ltd to deliver the goods. Call the Wellington concrete spraying specialists today to get a quote, or find out more about our concrete spraying services.

Shotcrete Stabilization Of Crumbling Bank
What makes concrete spraying so special?

Why is concrete spraying so useful? What are the benefits of concrete spraying? Put simply, concrete spraying is one of the most affordable and cost-effective ways to concrete an area. It's perfectly designed for retaining, stabalisation works and seismic strengthening. It's versatile too, and looks great on any surface or with any chosen colour. Plus, it can even add value to your property or home. Call us today to find out why concrete spraying is perfectly suited for your needs, or to get a quote from the team at Reeve Gunite Services Ltd.